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Retain address bar RSS Subscriptions

RSS Subscription Extension is a Chrome extension that allows you to easily add RSS feeds to multiple readers. This extension is an independently developed version of the discontinued official RSS Subscription Extension by Google, replicating its look and functionality.

However, this identically named Chrome extension removes obsolete RSS readers like Google Reader and iGoogle by replacing them with current ones like Feedly, NewsBlur, and The Old Reader. RSS Subscription Extension will allow you retain easy address bar RSS subscribing even as Google removes official support.

What it does

By default the extension allows you to quickly add RSS feeds. You must also be signed up with each of these RSS services for RSS Subscription Extension to work. You can individually pick which service is used for each feed, or set a single service for all new feeds.

You can also add in other RRS services, although you must know the URL coding. If you don’t know the specifics for each service, RSS Subscription Extension won’t let you save your settings. This can be very confusing and intimidating for new users.

How it's used

When you visit a site with an RSS feed an icon will appear in the address bar, making it easy to access. The functionality depends on if you set a primary reader or not. If you have a primary reader, pressing the icon will automatically add the feed to your chosen reader.

Otherwise you will be presented with a banner allowing you to select which reader you want to use, or if you wish to add or edit them. It is much easier and faster to use one reader, but if you wish to change that one you have to enter the Chrome extension menu; there is no convenient button to switch readers.

Does it work?

RSS Subscription Extension doesn’t always work as expected and will often result in errors. This frequently occurs when trying to add RSS feeds into Feedly. Adding feeds to The Old Reader and Newsblur does not have this problem, making them much more reliable options.

It is possible to have errors when adding in a reader. Thankfully, there is a reset list button that will clear out all new readers and restore the initial three.

Final word

This independently developed extension retains the functionality of Google’s defunct RSS Subscription Extension. For those that used Google Reader in the past, this will be a welcome extension to seamlessly transition into Feedly, Newsblur, or The Old Reader.

While there are occasional issues connecting to Feedly, the extension works great with the other two services. You can even add additional RSS readers, provided you have their URLs. RSS Subscription Extension makes it easy to subscribe to RSS feeds right in the address bar.


  • Subscribe to RSS feeds from the address bar
  • Retains functionality of discontinued Google extension
  • Support for modern readers Feedly, Newsblur, and The Old Reader
  • Can add in other web based RSS readers


  • Subscribing with Feedly doesn't always work
  • Must have correct URL coding for added readers

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